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Creating High Impact Presentations and Public Speaking Confidence

Learn how to create and deliver excellent presentations that are engaging, credible and impactful.

Do you struggle with public speaking? We can help.

Tommy Hilcken delivers a Sandler Training Program that is essential in improving public speaking confidence. Learn these skills to enhance your career, improve closing ratios and make all your presentations more powerful.


Presenting Yourself With Impact Training Program

Excellent presentation skills are crucial for doing business successfully whether you are presenting your organization's products to potential clients, presenting your ideas within your own organization or taking part in industry events or conferences.

It is surprising how even experienced presenters suffer from anxiety and nerves before delivering an important presentation. Understanding your audience’s expectations and reactions can really help you to adapt your style and pitch your presentation to their specific requirements.

This program will enable you to re-evaluate your own presentation skills and existing presentation style and will furnish you with additional skills and techniques so that you can prepare and deliver excellent presentations that are engaging, credible and impactful.

This program will provide you with:

  • Greater confidence when giving presentations
  • New techniques to enhance your existing presentation skills
  • The ability to understand and engage your audience
  • The opportunity to practice and assess your current strengths and presentation skills
  • Techniques and strategies for presenting with greater impact and confidence

Topics Covered:

  • How to understand and engage with your audience
  • Awareness of your own impact
  • Preparing your presentation
  • Techniques for managing nerves, particularly with large audiences
  • Effective use of voice: pacing, pausing, rhythm and tonality
  • Non verbal communication
  • Using humor
  • Managing questions and interruptions
  • Projecting confidence and authority
  • Proper use of Visual aids

Who Should Attend

The Creating High Impact Presentations program will be of benefit to you if you:

  • Would like to take your existing presentation skills to the next level
  • Need to present to large or senior audiences
  • Regularly make formal presentations or speak at conferences

Our programs are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients depending on their personal/organizational requirements and existing skills set.

Contact us at 973-334-6190 for more information about this program.