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Sales Tips & Insights

Sandler sales tips and insights

Do you struggle with introducing yourself?

Do you have a prepared introduction ready when you meet new prospects and business connections, or are you just winging it? Sandler certified trainer Chip Reichhard offers tips on how to craft a concise and powerful introduction.

Chip's Tips - Go For No

Chip Reichhard gives advice on how to avoid the dreaded "I'll think it over" during a sales call.

Chip's Tips - No Mind Reading

Chip Reichhard explains how you can use questioning techniques instead of trying to read a prospect's mind.

Chip's Tips - Written Goals

Chip Reichhard explains why it is so important to write down your professional and personal goals.

Chip's Tips - Sales Mistakes

Chip Reichhard explains the three top mistakes that salespeople make and how to avoid them.

Chip's Tips - Fear

Chip Reichhard explains how to prevent fear from becoming an obstacle to your success.

Sales Tip—Sandler Rule #12: Answer Every Question with a Question

Sandler trainer Chip Reichhard explains how you should ask plenty of questions to understand all of your prospect's concerns.

Sales Tip—Sandler Rule #8: When Prospecting, Go for the Appointment

Watch as Sandler trainer Chris McDonell explains how to take the pressure off both you and the prospect by making an appointment.