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Instructor-Led Virtual Sales Academy

8 Dynamic & Interactive Sessions

Web Class

Instructor-Led Virtual Sales Academy is ideal for:

♦ Sales Reps, Business Development Reps, Inside Sales reps, Account Executives, and Customer Service Reps

♦ Sales Managers, Inside Sales Managers, and Customer Service Managers

♦ Director and Vice President of Sales

♦ Presidents and CEO's that lead sales teams

♦ Business Owners that lead their sales teams

And well suited for:

Project Managers  ♦  Engineers  ♦  Accountants  ♦  Architects  ♦  Service Reps  ♦  Estimators  ♦  Realtors


 Our dynamic Virtual Sales Academy program is for sales professionals, sales leaders, or business owners who are committed to take their business to the next level. Regardless of how much sales experience you may have, you’ll learn how to:

  • Fill your pipeline with real opportunities
  • Broaden your “remote” selling skills
  • Shorten your sales cycles
  • Increase your close rates
  • Close more sales






Class is led by Cal Thomas online. 

Each participant will receive 1-year subscription to “Sandler Online” reinforcement materials.

Fill out the form if you would like to get more information or chat about how this might fit for you or your team.

Ideal for anyone who wants to....

  • Improve communications with customers and prospects
  • Have a common language with your sales team
  • Be more comfortable speaking with clients
  • Embrace continuous learning and development
  • Improve Relationship Management
  • All from the comfort of your/their own home or office!

These are unique and challenging times for our country and our economy, successful sales organizations will figure out a way to adapt and overcome. The way we sell will have to change.

Are you ready to figure out a better way to work? Or are you hoping that this too will pass and eventually “things will get back to normal” and risk being left behind?

Program Outline

Why Have a System?

Many salespeople “wing it,” cross their fingers, and hope that they get the sale. Learn a system that results in four predictable outcomes, duplicates success, and qualifies prospects rather than them disqualifying you.

  • The Sales Training Myth: An Overview of the Sandler Selling System
  • Success Triangles: Improving Your Attitude, Behavior and Technique


Taking Control of the Process

Have you ever gotten to the end of a presentation or sales call and the prospect said they wanted to “think it over.” Learn how to set ground rules with prospects at the beginning to avoid think-it-overs at the end. Learn how the pain you found earlier in the process impacts the budget step. You will also learn how to find out the prospect’s decision making process before you make the presentation.

  • Up-Front Contracts
  • Budget & Decision Making



Making the Connection - Understanding Yourself and Others

Rapport is more than having a good conversation with someone. It’s about being in sync and understanding how different people communicate. In this session, you learn how to identify and adapt to different behavioral styles.

  • Bonding & Rapport
  • The No Pressure Cold Call


Can Asking Questions Be the Answer?

One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople make is trying to convince prospects why they should buy from them. Learn how to use different questioning strategies to uncover what's important to your prospects.

  • Questioning Strategies
  • Running a great sales call


Understanding Buyers Motives

Your prospects don’t buy because of your features or benefits. While they may be great, prospects buy because they are in pain or want to avoid pain. Learn the difference between a problem and pain, how to find your prospect’s pain, and what to do with it when you find it.

  • Selling Value with Pain
  • Defining Your Ideal Customers
  • Developing your 30-Second “Commercial”


Closing the Sale

Tired of hearing your price is too high?

  • Putting it all together
  • Personal Accountability

What's your 30 Second Commercial?

What makes a good 30 Second Commercial? Watch Now to find out!

Taking the Sales Academy with Cal and Sandler has already helped my business. There is so much to learn from this company, and more specifically Cal, to help you in your business as well. I highly recommend going to Cal with any sales problems, as he will offer solutions that you may not even know about.

Brian D., Allstate Eatontown

Sandler Training has helped my company and myself develop sales processes. What I am trying to do now is to systematize what I do so that I can get better at what I do, I can do more of the right things, and do less of the wrong things.

Allan Valvano, President - Paymedia