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Sandler Success Stories

What Our Clients Say About Us

Rachel Durkan

President, Paradigm Marketing & Design


"I decided to use Sandler Training because at the time my business was about two years old, and I was on a collaborative board with other business owners who said they had tremendous success using Sandler. The management program has been tremendously helpful to me; it helps me not only be a good sales manager, but a good manager in general. My closing rate has dramatically increased, but the program has also helped me use my time more wisely."

Jeff Sassaman


“Before Sandler, I did not know anything about a sales process, or the right things to do along the way. You can go to college, you can learn about business, but they don’t teach you what Sandler teaches you. Sandler actually changed my life, from a personal and from a business perspective. I wouldn’t be here without Sandler, because the process I was using before was not going to get me where I am today.”

Nick Kraus

Kraus Marketing

“I decided to start working with Sandler Training because my revenue needed a spark. What I didn’t expect that I learned from Sandler was the ability to understand at a deeper level the buyer’s psychology. If I look back to three or four years ago, I don’t think I would ever expect to have the team I have, and the revenues I have at this time.”

Tim Brunnock

The Alternative Board – North Central New Jersey

Industry: Business Coaching, Peer Advisory Boards


“I came into Sandler skeptical, with somewhat of a chip on my shoulder, thinking I’ve been selling my whole life, I’m well-trained in the art of selling, what am I going to learn here? And Sandler changed my life – it’s certainly in the top three experiences of growth opportunities.”

Nancy Mckinley

Greater Media Broadcasting

Industry: Broadcasting


“I have seen that our salespeople are much more confident when they are in front of clients, they are doing a lot more preparation before their meetings, they are using up-front contracts, so it’s really helping our bottom line.”

Daryl Bryant

Hudson Horizons

Industry: Website development and Internet marketing


“I’ve seen a tremendous return on investment at Hudson Horizons, so much that we have closed much more business than before our training.”

Allan Valvano


Industry: Payroll and Human Resources


“Sandler Training has helped my company and myself develop sales processes. What I am trying to do now is to systematize what I do so that I can get better at what I do, I can do more of the right things, and do less of the wrong things.”

Mike Doyle

Drive 80 Studios

Industry: Payroll and Human Resources


“I closed four of my biggest deals of my career because of Sandler and I highly recommend anyone in sales to check it out – it’s life-changing."

Brian Frank

Brian Frank talks about LinkedIn's experience with Sandler's sales training program: "We never had a formalized sales training program or methodology at LinkedIn until we started working with Sandler. The short term impact of Sandler was to uplift the sales team. With Sandler, it's primarily about the people and the amazing things they can really do to help you."